Monday, November 28, 2011

STRESS ( Eutress and Distress)

assalamualaikum and a very good morning

today i want to share about type of stress

Each person will have stress in their lives.. (am i correct??)
its up to individuals to think, overcome and react to the stress they are facing.

There are TWO types of stress ; EUSTRESS and DISTRESS

- is a positive stress
- positive stress that can motivates you.
- stress that can increase your performance
- stress that can lead you to think positive
- stress that can boost your energy, focus etc

for example : your father promised you a present If you pass your exam. then you will study hard to pass your exam.

- is a negative stress
- stress that can demotivating a person
- stress that makes you feel weak, no energy, anxiety, panic etc
- stress that can decrease you performance

for example : death of a loved one, personal tragedy etc..

it is depend on yourself to deal with stress. for example ; vacation, meet the counselor, yoga and etc.

thats all..
take care.


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